Custom Print and Ebook Cover Package

Included in the Print and Ebook package:

  • 2 design options
  • unlimited revisions to these design options
  • Paperback cover in a print ready file format, compatible with your publishing service
  • high resolution jpeg file, ready for upload
  • 3D image for use in your marketing campaign
  • stock images*

Things you should know about the process:

  • The best covers are usually simple, uncluttered, and digestible with just one look. Your cover should convey the concept and atmosphere of your book. Overly specific expectations such as character casting, scene creation, or usage of specific images can cause frustration and less than stellar results. It is best to take a step back from the story and let the designer develop a cover uninhibited by these constraints.

    To that end, this package does not include creation of specific characters or detailed scenes from your book. For example, if your character is a woman with short blond hair wearing a specific necklace or a paranormal creature of specific elements, we may not be able to find suitable, quality stock imagery without substantial artwork. This level of design involves more time and complexity. If you need something like this, or are unsure if you do, please contact us at infoblueazaleadesigns(dot)come and describe what you are looking for. We'll let you know if we can do it. If it's not within the package limits, we'll provide an estimate for any extra charges.

  • In order to design the right size cover for your print edition, you MUST know the exact page count of your book. In other words, you should have your interior formatting completed, including front and back matter, correct font size, etcetera. Changes in the page count, even by only a few pages will change the width of your spine and cause some of your front cover to print on the spine, or some of the spine to overlap the front cover. None of these are esthetic results. Any changes in your spine width should accompany a change to your cover file. These adjustments are charged at an additional rate of $15.00 per resize.
  • Before we can begin working on your design, a 50% advance deposit is required. The remaining balance will be due after you've approved the final design. Once the balance is paid, we will release to you the complete, upload-ready file. All payments should be made through PayPal.

An important note on revisions: We will revise the design concepts we've given you as many times as it takes to get it right. This does not mean we will design unlimited concepts. If these initial two designs don't appeal to you, we will continue to explore the project with you so that we can arrive at with something you are happy with. If we are still unable to create a design you love, we may not be the right designer for your project. In this case, we will gladly refund your money to you. Also, please note: if we determine at any point in the process that we are not a good fit with your design needs, we reserve the right to discontinue work on the project and refund your payment in order to minimize time-loss and avoid delays in your publishing schedule.

*Stock images: We use only royalty free images with standard licensing. Once your cover design is transferred to you, the usage license will too. The terms of use are standard among most stock providers. We will let you know the source of yours so that you can review their terms.

Ordering Instructions:
Click below to purchase your package. Once you've paid through PayPal, you will be redirected to the project questionnaire form. This is VERY important for you to complete. We can't begin work on your cover until you've submitted this form. If for some reason you have been unable to access this form after your payment, please contact us at info(at)blueazaleadesigns(dot)com and we will send you the link. As always, be sure to check your spam folder if you haven't heard back from us or save our email address in your contacts to avoid spam filtering.



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